Truth Has No Path

Truth Has No Path is Kraddy’s debut release covering a variety of genres and styles, but consistent in its ingenuity and high quality production. Spanning breaks, electro, dub, glitch-hop and ambient, it’s an album from an artist with a plethora of music in his bag who is just giving us a glimpse of what he is capable of. Compared to Tipper and Si Begg, Kraddy’s music implicates cybernetic breaks with asymmetrical dub delays and hip hop grooves with ethereal melodies.

“Brecht”, “8 Electrodes” and “Faux Show” (a remix of Shimmy Shimmy Ya by the Old Dirty Bastard) are dancefloor rockers with robotic beats, ripper basslines and razor sharp edits. “New World Empire” and “Imminent Threat” are hip hop head-nodders with glitchy beats and dark melodies and “Dub 17” is a classic big bass dub track. “Xepha”, “Looking In Windows” and “Drowning…” are ambient, haunting and melodic.

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