Kraddy’s “Moment of Truth” Free MP3 Download // EP Set For Sept. 25th Release

“Momento Of Truth”
Single Release: 09/11/2012 | EP Release: 09/25/2012

The title “Moment Of Truth” is a reference to mythology and the hero’s journey.  This moment comes when the mythological hero has fought their way to the end, and they battle the final enemy, in the battle that will decide who triumphs and who is vanquished.  They are always faced with a moment that puts all of their strength and willpower to the test.  This is the moment of truth.

And we all know those moments we’ve had in our own lives – when everything falls apart, or when we get way more than we think we can handle or when we lose what we think we need to survive.  When we face those moments we truly define who we are by our decisions and very often we set the course for our life in a significant way.

This song is about that moment – about rising to that moment to become so much more than we ever thought we could be.

Turn it up.
Make it happen.