Labryinth Review on Glitch.FM

I first heard one of the tracks of Kraddy’s new EP Labyrinth several months ago, in a dusty warehouse in downtown LA where the avant-garde theatrical troupe Lucent Dossier was rehearsing acts for their new fire and metal show, to be performed at Coachella and festivals around the world.

The track was brutally hard, slamming down like an army of concrete skyscrapers and shot through with the tortured screams of aliens and a keen sense of lifted timing. Impossibly heavy yet riddled with a mean bounce.

“Is this unreleased KRADDY?!?!?” I asked.

“How did you know that?” was the shocked reply.

Because it sounded exactly the way I hoped that unreleased Kraddy would sound: loaded with bass that thrashes through your body like a freeway full of gas trucks about to explode. That song was “Into the Labyrinth,” and it remains one of my favorites on the five-track EP, which is a fine example of the music that we have come to love from a producer who helped plant West Coast Sound into the collective consciousness of the international electronic music community.

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