Farzad Qasim Wins the Kraddy T-shirt Design Contest

Kraddy is pleased to announce Farzad Qasim as the winner of the Kraddy T-Shirt Design Contest.  Inspired by Kraddy’s song “Operation Prometheus,” Farzad’s design depicts the tragedy of Greek legend Prometheus, who gave fire to humans but was subsequently tortured forever by Zeus.  “Prometheus became a figure of hope and inspiration, and the shirt captures the death and birth of his legacy,” Farzad explains.

Look for Farzad’s design to be featured on Kraddy merchandise in the near future!


  1. Diggity D says:

    Clearly Farzad is the man. 

  2. Redtier309 says:

    Prometheus was later rescued by Hercules on his journey through the underworld. Wish I had friends like that….