I’m very excited to finally share my new album, ANTHEMS OF THE HERO, with you. I’ve spent a lot of time and worked with some amazing people to create this concept album. I’d like to share some of the ideas that inspired this album and then explain how we made it.

A couple ideas are at the core of ANTHEMS. My first thought was to combine the soul and vibe of classic 70s rock recordings and production style with the wizardry of modern digital editing. I incorporated many of the same, recording techniques of classic bands like Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd to recreate that classic 70s vibe. I also wanted to make an album that was heavily electronic, but with the energy and sound of a live band. I also wanted to make an electronic album with staying power and “replay-ablity” – a collection of tracks that are truly songs, not just DJ tracks.

I also wanted to tell a story through this album — the story of the hero. It’s a classic tale that has been told and retold many times over. A story we are all familiar with. ANTHEMS tells the story of a person who goes above and beyond perceived limitations to achieve a goal and, in doing so, transforms himself or herself into the hero.

As I made this album, a movie was playing in my mind – something on the level of Blade Runner, The Matrix, and Terminator combined. A small band of humans fight as a rebel force against a much larger and stronger, Empire-type force. ANTHEMS is the soundtrack to that mind movie.

In June, I met with Ross Robinson (producer of Korn, At The Drive In, Sepultura, and The Cure) at his studio and played him the demos I had written for ANTHEMS. I shared my idea of recording live musicians who played the songs I wrote , then fusing these live recordings with the parts I wrote on the computer. Ross loved the demos and the idea. We got started on the album a couple weeks later and brought in two huge talents: Jon Theodore (The Mars Volta, One Day As A Lion, and Golden) to play drums and Cody Votolato (Blood Brothers, Jaguar Love, and Telekenisis) to play guitar. As you’ll hear, both Jon and Code are amazing musicians and brought so much fire and inspiration to this album.

Typically, we would learn and record the songs for ANTHEM in the same day. This process was very spontaneous and fun. We recorded everything to 2″ and then to Pro Tools. There were overdubs that went straight into the computer, but all the drums, most of the guitars and a lot of the synths went to tape as well. Ross has a great collection of pedals and guitar heads that we ran things through, as well.

We ended up bouncing between Pro Tools and Logic to mix the songs. To get just the right sound, I had to figure out the best way to fuse the live takes and my digital demos. I wanted to mix it so that it didn’t sound too much like a rock album, but still conveyed the sound of live musicians playing. Working on the album was a huge learning process for me. Ross Robinson and Steve Evetts (producer of Dillinger Escape Plan, Poison The Well, and Sepultura) both taught me so much about classic mixing styles and graciously shared their knowledge and experience. Each gave this record a sound and feeling that I couldn’t have conveyed on my own.

I hope you enjoy ANTHEMS and thank you for listening! So much energy and love was poured into this music. I hope you feel it beaming back at you.

— K

P.S. Play it LOUD!!


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  2. solarlion says:

    great story.  thanks for sharing this.

  3. Abboriginalproductions says:

    Crushed it like a innovator of the game should — staying fresher than the pack nipping at your heels — lesson to all the kids in the game who want to make this into an actual profession or career take notes!

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  5. Di says:

    Stop trying to be the HERO! Just BE!

    You are totally worth celebratng.

  6. Do says:

    Anthems of the Be-ing.

  7. Amazing. Thank you Kraddy! This should hold me down until your next!

  8. Simply amazing. Thanks Kraddy. You are a constant inspiration!

  9. spankbass says:


  10. Excellent!! Отличный звук!! COOL!! YEAA!!! BOOOOOOOOM!!! thank you Kraddy!

  11. Dark Simpson says:

    Target Aquired

  12. psidre felix says:

    WOOO!! I’m gonna drop ALL these tracks, just like a real DJ!!! XD 

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  14. flopjoke says:

    DUDE. This is perfect. Awesome album! Great for dancing too! Kraddy FTW! 😀

  15. Jwyatt29 says:

    Something is off with your keyboard work/midi samples. The keyboard parts feel disjointed and amateurish. Your electronic sounds often don’t blend with your live samples very well either. All these sweeping filters and lasers sound directly out of the box. I’m sure you put a ton of work into this album, but it sounds over-processed yet unfinished at the same time.

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  17. Coooookey says:

    Jwyatt29, “over-processed” isn’t a descriptive term. I think you’re saying it’s been too heavily compressed & limited (due to the “loudness wars” that rage on in music) which is how everything is nowadays.
    These days if you don’t have 10dB of overall gain reduction and a brick-wall waveform, everybody thinks it’s a rough mix. LOL

    Anywaysss, your comments matched my opinion..

    But you can’t expect there not to be a contrast between sounds recorded to 2″ tape, and the sounds that came directly from “in the box”.

  18. ljfullofgrace says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! Will this be posted on Spotify too?

  19. geo says:

    I like the ideas driving this album. Looking for to playing it LOUD. Thanks for the d/l Kraddy!

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  21. PinkTrash says:

    Not processed enough for me! Don’t listen to the luddites! Twist the f&ck out of it!

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  24. […] Kraddy – Anthems of the Hero LP Le DJ de Los Angeles nous balance un album electro gratuit. Bien ficelé et entrainant. […]

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  37. ZexGX says:

    As a non-music-snob, I can say that I LOVE THIS regardless of compression, limiting, processing, or sample quality. Great album!

  38. […] with many indescribable feelings.  Kraddy’s second single Operation Prometheus off of, Anthems Of The Hero, is absolutely nuts.  A beautiful synthesizer melody ensues, dirtier than a kindergarteners […]

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